How to Dry a Leather Couch That Got Rained On? – Guide

Leather Furniture’s are quite expensive. But by the premium looks and comforts it offers, we can’t say no to it. But as most expensive items, leather also needs to be handled with care. The most important thing from which you should keep it away is Water! Yes, the water which keeps humans alive can kill your favorite Leather furniture.

And if, Unfortunately, your Leather couch had to face rain, then don’t worry. We will help you with how to remove water from the leather couch. You don’t need to panic about this cause we are here to help you with the simple yet effective steps on Solving water damage on a leather couch.

Why Leather Gets Damaged Due to Water?

This may be the first question that may arise: Why does Leather get damaged due to water? This is because water can suck out the oil present in the leather. To give you a clear idea, let’s see a live instance. When you go swimming or deal with water for quite some time,  you ever recall how your hands wrinkled up like raisins? You may feel dry at your fingertips.

This is all Because the water you’ve been swimming in has been stealing all the oils in your skin. These oils are responsible for keeping your skin well and lubricated. After a while, our body can restore those oils naturally. Leather, which is no longer alive(we hope you know from where we get leather), cannot replace its oils, and this eventually lets your Leather furniture get dry, and thus it gets cracked.

If you want to let your Leather Furniture live longer by solving the water damage of leather Sofa, we are here to help you. Before we begin, we need to note some things:

Precautions to Take Before Removing Water From Leather Couch

  1. When using water to wipe up other spills on your couch, consider using distilled water as minerals and rust can damage leather in some waters.
  2. If you spill water on your couch, wipe up the excess water with a towel, and let it dry naturally.

Steps to Remove Water From Leather Furniture:

Below are the steps to solve for How To Dry A Leather Couch That Got Rained On:

1. Bring on the Heat!

This can be considered as the fastest way to remove water from your Leather Couch as soon as there is an incident where water gets spilled.

  • Grab your hairdryer and turn it on
  • Be sure not to let the heat high, as it may dry the leather also.
  • Use a towel to soak up any excess water while you are dry water out.
  • Continue this until water is removed.

2. Cleaning With Mayonnaise

If you don’t want to let your favorite couch deal with the heat, we suggest you this way. In fact, this is the only “tasty” way we have to clean the leather couch. We are using the help of Mayonnaise! The fat in the mayonnaise will help condition the watermarks so that they become invisible

  • Dry Your Leather couch by using a towel to take out visible water.
  • Dab the mayonnaise over the watermark. Be sure to be gentle. You don’t need to feed it. Just use it in a minimal amount.
  • Let it sit for several hours before wiping it up. We suggest you leave it out for a night.

Before applying this step, keep in mind that removing watermarks from finished leather can only be used for smooth leather. Mayonnaise will ruin unfinished leather such as suede.

3. How to Remove Water From Suede Leather Couch.

Erasers will help to work away light watermarks on unfinished leather furniture such as suede

  • Dry Your Leather couch using a towel to take out visible water (make sure that you are not doing this with any hard pressure, as it may damage your couch).
  • Rub an eraser over the area where water has fallen.
  • Continue this until the water seems dried out

The eraser is erasing the marks and is actually grinding away some of the suede’s nap.

4. Dry a Leather Couch With One of Grannie’s Secret Recipes:

One of Grannie’s secret recipes, such as Just a spoonful of baking soda, talcum powder, corn starch, can save you a couple of bucks from cleaning it with the help of experts.

  • Apply the mixture of baking soda, talcum powder, corn starch over the wet area.
  • Allow the mixture to sit overnight before wiping them away.
  • If the powder turns yellow in the morning, you pulled stuff out
  • Brush the old powder off and keep the cycle going until the water is completely dried.

5. Conditioner Treatment for Leather Couch.

Leather conditioners are enriched with vital oils and nutrients that keep leather healthy. Whenever leather starts to get a rough or wrinkly texture, it’s probably time to feed it some more.

  • Dry the area where water has fallen.
  • Apply the Leather conditioner
  • Check the instructions on the conditioner for the amount to be used.

Conditioner not only acts as a lubricant – it’s also a protector, keeping more water from passing through leather’s pores whether it’s true to pass in or travel back out. Moisture caught inside your leather can rot, which is bad. This is why we recommend drying the leather before applying the conditioner.


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We hope that this article has helped you with “How To Dry A Leather Couch That Got Rained On.” If you have any doubts about getting rid of the musty smell from Leather Couch, we suggest you go through the article again to check if you have missed any steps. If you cannot fix the issue or made any mistake, we suggest getting an expert’s help.

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