How To Get Water Stains Out of Fabric Furniture? – Guide

Let’s face it. It is heartbreaking to see your favorite fabric furniture to get water stains. This may be you enjoying your favorite movie or show or maybe by your friends while partying. Whatever be it, We may never have thought that some water could give you an unbearable amount of pain in our hearts along with leaving you with a lot of work to your side.

Today we will show you how to get water stains out of furniture fabric. We will try to keep this as simple as possible so that you can easily clean your favorite fabric furniture. The steps here won’t be requiring you to waste an entire day on removing stains from your furniture. Just spend 15 minutes and attain peace! Before moving onto the steps, you are required to note somethings:

How To Get Water Stains Out Of Fabric Furniture?

Before you start any of the methods we mentioned below, make sure what kind of fabric is used by your Fabric Furniture. Sometimes, there is even instruction about how to get water stains out of your particular furniture fabric. In most fabric sofas, the tag is either on the sofa’s underside or underneath the cushioning.

Even if there aren’t any instructions regarding how to get water stains out of furniture, there may be mentioned about which fabric was used for the furniture. As to know about the type of fabric helps you to understand how to treat it.

It is better to check all things we mentioned to help you easily check on how to get water stains out of fabric chairs or furniture without much spending your time.

Things like this happen because sometimes certain materials don’t react well to water and discolor the furniture. More often, however, stains can be caused by the minerals or dirt in the water itself as water may react with the polishing agents used in the fabric furniture. Also, try to remove the stains from the fabric furniture; as soon as you spill anything like the later you act, the harder it will be to remove the stains.

Methods on How To Get Water Stains Out Of Cloth Couch

Below are the methods we suggest to you for getting water stains out of fabric furniture. You are not required to rush to the nearby store to grab supplies to clean the stain out of your fabric furniture. We can do this by just using things around your house.

1. Use Vaccum Cleaner to Suck Out the Water

This method can only be effective if you use it at the very moment when water is spilled. Also, make sure that your vacuum cleaner can suck water without any issues. Even if this may not remove the stains completely, it will prevent any water present inside from penetrating further and prevent making stains further. Make your quest to remove the stain a lot easier.

2. Use a Mild Solution to Remove the Stain

Even if you are confident enough that your sofa can handle it, we suggest you do this method gently. At first,

  1. begin the step by mixing 1 teaspoon of dishwashing soap with water in a container. Soak a clean cloth in this solution.
  2. Dab a bit to the stained part and scrub gently
  3. if needed; apply slight pressure only. Remember, be calm and don’t be aggressive.
  4. Continue until you can see the water stain gradually lift, and then it will be no longer visible.

2. Use Vinegar-Water Combination

If the first method doesn’t fit you, we think you should try this step. In this method, we are using vinegar instead of Dishwashing soap.

  1. Pour vinegar and warm water into a large container. Make sure to add equal parts vinegar and equal parts of water to avoid leaving a sour smell behind.
  2. Using a clean cloth to dip into the solution and apply it to the stained part. The pH of the vinegar will help pull out the water stain from the edges.
  3. When you press the water stain, be sure to do so lightly. You don’t want excess water to ruin your furniture!
  4. Let it dry. You can also mildly heat it if you want (it depends on the type of furniture, we have mentioned this before). The water stain should gradually disappear.

3. Use the Water Itself!

What is the best way to fight the stains caused by water? It’s water itself! Yes, you can use the water itself to clean the stains caused by water.

  1. take water in a container or any vessel suitable to hold
  2. Dampen the entire part using water.
  3. Let it dry; you can use the help of heat if you want
  4. You won’t be able to spot any stains

4. The Power of Stem!

No, you are not required to use any steam engines to remove the stains. We need a steam cleaner for this. make sure the furniture can handle steam

  1. Run the steam cleaner at the entire area,
  2. wait for it to dry, use the help of heat if needed. Make sure your furniture can handle it.
  3. You can notice that the stain has completely vanished.

Steam loosens dirt and particles in soft fibers. More importantly, the heat generated by steam cleaners (over 120 degrees in some systems) kills hidden bacterias almost instantly.

5. Remove the Cover, Wash It Separately.

You can easily do this step. You only need to look that if your furniture has zippers and also the fabric is washable.

  1. Take the area where it is affected by stain.
  2. Unzip the cover, and give it a good wash
  3. Don’t forget to dry-clean it before putting it back. use the help of the heater if needed
  4. After putting the cover back, you can see that the stain is completely gone.


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We hope that this article has helped you in Removing Water Stain from your fabric furniture. If you have any doubts regarding this, we suggest you go through the article again to check if you have missed any steps. If you cannot fix the issue or made any mistake that affected the furniture, we suggest getting expert help.

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