How to Remove a Broken Shower Arm? – Guide

The shower in your home has finally broken after watering you for a long time. Yes, it does piss us off when our shower brokes. Now you need to spend your hard-earned money to remove this. It turns out that you are not required to depend upon anyone to remove the broken shower arm.

We will explain the steps to removing a broken shower arm without help from anyone and without spending your hard-earned money. We want to request you to carefully read this guide and understand each step to prevent any mistakes (which you won’t follow these steps). Before seeing the in-depth steps, let’s see the methods by which you can remove the broken shower arm.

Methods to Remove Broken Shower Arm

  1. Using Bolt Extractors to Remove Broken Shower Arm
  2. Remove Broken Shower Arm with Inner Pipe-Wrenches
  3. By using Flat File for removing Broken Shower Arm
  4. By using Superior Tool Kit

Before starting this process, you need to gather some things for removing a broken shower arm.

Things to Grab to Replace Broken Shower Arm

  • Inner-Pipe-Wrench (for removing using Inner-Pipe-Wrench)
  • Bolt Extractor (Use this to remove using Bolt Extractor Method)
  • No. 10 flat file (tapered) Bastard cut (for the Flat File Method). The number is the size of the Flat File.
  • Turn off the main water valve so that you could prevent emptying your water tank while removing the broken pipe!
  • Remove the showerhead and it’s Arm to make your way inside.
  • Right behind the showerhead, pipe arm, there will be a metal ring. You will be required to remove it to reveal the hole beneath it to see the copper fitting.
  • Flashlight to see much in the hole. (It helps!)
  • Hammer ( to apply pressure from behind, if needed)
  • Pliers

All set? Now let’s see how to replace a broken shower arm.

Remove Broken Shower Arm

The treads can be considered the weakest part of a showerhead. If you notice, you could see that it has gone all the way to the copper fitting of your walls. So when your Shower arm breaks, the threads will still be present inside the copper fittings. So if you want to remove the broken shower arm altogether, you need to remove the threads entirely.

1.Using Bolt Extractors to Remove Broken Shower Arm

You can use a Bolt Extractor for your help to remove the Broken Shower Arm. This method is simple and easy also.

  1. Insert the Bolt Extractor into the hole.
  2. If needed, apply pressure using a hammer.
  3. Rotate the Bolt Extractor until the broken piece comes out

If this method doesn’t work for you, you can try the other methods mentioned in this article below.

2. Remove Broken Shower by Using Inner-Pipe-Wrench

You can quickly grab an Inner-Pipe-Wrench from the nearest hardware store. It is an essential tool for this method.

  1. Take the Inner-Pipe-Wrench and put it inside the thread behind the wall in the water coupling.
  2. Change the direction of rotation if the broken piece is not coming out.
  3. Rotate it until the broken piece comes out.

3. Steps to Remove Broken Shower Arm Using Flat File

This method has a much better success rate than the other two methods we have mentioned before.

  1. Grab the flat file and put it straight through the hole. Take your hammer and hammer hard from behind. You are required to do this so that the tiny metal grooves on the edge of the flat-file can “bite” into the broken section of the threaded nipple.
  2. After this, take the Plier, grab onto the flat file and turn it steadily while applying even pressure. Once you feel that it is starting to move, continue it. It makes sure that you are doing right.
  3. Grab a flashlight and continue the step. If the file is not moving the broken pieces but is only grinding along inside the fitting, hammer it again and repeat the steps.
  4. Continue rotating the flat file until the broken piece comes out. The flashlight will help you to monitor this.
  5. You had successfully removed the broken shower piece when you see the Broken part comes out.

4. Remove the Broken Shower Arm Using Superior Tool Kit

It is one of the newest methods out there when compared to the other methods. Even though this method is the latest one, it is still easy to do.

  1. Insert the Superior tool kit inside the thread behind the wall in the water coupling
  2. Apply pressure using a hammer
  3. You can use the Plier to grab and rotate the wrench
  4. Do check the side to which the Superior tool kit is used for rotating.
  5. rotate until the Broken piece comes out


We hope that this article has helped you in Removing the Broken Shower Arm. If you have any doubts regarding this, we suggest you go through the article again to check if you have missed any steps. Be sure to be careful while hammering as there are chances for accidents.

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