Though watching TV continues to be a popular pastime, it does not have always have to be for entertainment or recreational purposes only. According to the second First Lady of The United States, Abigail Adams, “learning is not attained by chance; it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.” You must constantly pursue learning, for there is no end to knowledge.

However, as the pandemic enveloped the world, destabilizing strong structures all over the world, our TV sets became a window to peek into the world outside. Besides being a source of entertainment, it also became an unconventional source of education and learning. But if your cable television airs glitchy service, then you are bound to turn that box off!

Sign-up For A Complete TV Service

If you have been cooped up in your home for a year or more, TV or moreover, Netflix has become your best friend. That’s why it’s important that when you sign up for a new TV service, make sure that you look at the channel lineup that’s being offered.

The WOW channel lineup has some seriously amazing options that you need to check if they fit your preferences. What’s more, is that the service also offers a diverse choice of networks that are neatly designed in the package as per the size of your television set. So whether you have a small TV set or a large one, the respective TV service will ensure that you watch your favorite TV show without a hitch!

Why Learning To Budget Is Crucial 

Learning to budget is immensely crucial because economic conditions today are trickier and tougher than the ones faced by the world population in the past. Financial crisis affects a person’s overall stability and is an area that thought leaders in the finance industry want you to understand and comprehend the severity of its complexity.

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While the economy is gradually recovering from the pandemic, unemployment in major cosmopolitan spheres is still rampant. With costs of daily life essentials continuing to rise, money management skills need to be taken seriously and are very much required to lead a trouble-free life, away from the prying eyes of the scary IRS.

Utilizing The Idiot Box For A Bigger Cause

Just because your money management skills might be bordering on poor, does not mean that you have to go to school to learn new stuff. You can learn everything at home and without the hassle of attending classes, teachers, or any academic-related drama! While tons of television shows can teach us important financial lessons it depends on what we want to learn, if we are not averse to gaining knowledge!

The reel world is a great way to study the human condition when it comes to financial resolution. While helping us become money smart in the process. We selected the following TV shows that might help you understand financial management in the real world: 

Reality Television Of Today – American Culinary Competition: Top Chef

Top Chef is a culinary competition and an unconventional show to learn about managing personal finances. Though financial irresponsibility is discouraged whether you are independent or living with the family, money management is a skill that one must learn to master.

Nevertheless, the TV show gives you a good insight into money management, especially if you have started a new family and have many mouths to feed. The show teaches us to creatively utilize limited resources through the weekly challenges of cooking innovative yet edible dishes within demanding time constraints that fall under a specific budget.

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The 1800’s Portrayal on Television – Bridgerton

In the 1800s, The Bridgerton Family is a powerful family whose eldest daughter Daphne is ready to make her debut in London’s cut-throat marriage market. While the TV show resembles the world painted by Jane Austen in her novels, full of wit, delicious gossip, scandal, and romance, the main character Daphne is about to experience a myriad of emotions, fresh for her young age.

An important theme that is of much consequence is found in this one quote, ‘We should both aspire to be just like her. Unmarried, and earning our own money.’ The lesson is to earn your own money, instead of waiting for another to fend for you financially. Not only is financial independence rewarding but it also allows a person to keep abreast of the advancements in the industry. To keep oneself relevant to their industry, a person constantly works on their professional development to boost their profile and fiscal worth.

Animated Comedy That’s Beyond The Definition of Funny – The Simpsons

The long-running TV show, The Simpsons depict a satirical portrayal of American Life. However, it too has some important financial lessons that audiences can make great use of. For instance, in one episode, Homer Simpson, the head of the family, has come across upon of those get-rich-quick schemes, which involves selling the leftover grease after frying bacon for his customer base. While there are obvious issues with this faulty business model, but it highlights an important message for all those who believe that thinking out of the box is the only way of thinking!

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While it’s important to be your boss and start your own thing that will make you roll in green bills, starting a venture from scratch is scary. New entrepreneurs who are starting with a new venture must be able to balance the bat-crazy innovative with the safe pragmatic. They must thoroughly research the industry where they want to launch their product/service and must cater to their target audience if they want to succeed in the market! Not every out-of-the-box idea may be relevant and you might end up losing more money than the one you initially invested. Hence, your innovative business idea must be a viable and long-lasting business model.

The Bottom Line…

The bottom line is television or any other medium for that matter can teach us a lot if we are not averse towards learning. These TV shows can present us with live case studies in which various characters are put in difficult situations and the solutions they came up with to get out of all that hot water they were thrown in! though you can always take a shortcut, that is only useful for a moment or so. 

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