Going forward, stop building assumptions. Have a respectful discussion with your mom-in-regulation about the protection safety measures to which she will dedicate, such as at social events. If they’re satisfactory to you and your husband, go back again. If not, settle in for a cooped-up wintertime in the metropolis.

I was operating late for a dental appointment. I was going to bike there, which would have made me even afterwards. But my roommate available to give me a experience. (I did not ask.) On the way there, she acquired a dashing ticket. And that evening, she presented it to me as if it were my responsibility to pay. I think which is absurd! I didn’t velocity. Ideas?


It is true that the preference to velocity was your roommate’s. And as a normal matter, the human being driving the wheel is dependable for driving mishaps.

But surely you also see that, were it not for you and your dental appointment, your roommate would not have been driving the vehicle that fateful working day. This argues (to me) for choosing up the ticket as a gesture of thanks or creating your roommate a counteroffer to split the great. Does that audio fewer absurd to you?

My nephew planned to be married in a major ceremony in Oct. For security motives, the pair made the decision to wed privately on the scheduled day and postpone the huge celebration right up until Oct 2021. So, when do we give our present: now or at the bash following 12 months?


These are difficult moments for persons lacking their massive day. Nonetheless, I commend the bridal pair for putting the basic safety of their company very first. I would deliver a token reward now with a warm take note letting them know you are considering of them, and bring your true present to the social gathering. Or reverse the reward purchase, if you like, but send the take note now. I bet they are really dissatisfied.

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